Magnesium Ethylate, also known as Magnesium Ethoxide, is a chemical compound with the formula Mg(OC2H5)2, CAS Number 2414-98-4.

Properties of Magnesium Ethylate

  • It is offered with a typical purity of over 98% and Mg content of 21-22%.
  • It is a white to grayish white granular powder.
  • Its typical bulk density is 1.01 g/cm3.
  • It is hygroscopic and will react violently when contacted with water.
  • The molecular weight of this substance is 114.44 g/mol.
  • Should be stored in a tightly sealed container to avoid decomposition resulting from contact with moisture in air. Otherwise, this substance is stable with a decomposition temperature of 270 C.


Magnesium ethoxide is used as olefin polymerization catalyst carrier for polypropylene, polyethylene and precision ceramic materials as well as other reactions.


Store away from oxidizing agents, air and water. Incompatible with water, moisture and moist air, strong acids, oxidizing agents.

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet Magnesium Ethylate