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Benefits of Using BreezeBond™ in Your Application

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Finding an adhesive technology that fulfills the multiple requirements in the modern regulatory and economic landscape can be a challenge for manufacturers. The process requires considering numerous factors, including functionality, environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness. In fact, did you know that other soy-based hot-press adhesives contain as much as 50% expensive petroleum derived compounds? Fortunately, BreezeBondTM has emerged as a viable solution that addresses these concerns. It is a soy-based adhesive that is economical and free of added volatile organic chemicals.

Whether you are focused on environmental sustainability or seeking high-strength, moisture-resistant performance, we will look at the advantages of using BreezeBondTM. We will also explore why it might be the perfect adhesive for your application!

What Is BreezeBondTM?

BreezeBondTM is a soy-based hot press adhesive originally designed for use in plywood production, but because it has an adjustable viscosity, it has been found to be suitable for a number of other applications as well. It is an ideal alternative to existing petroleum-based adhesives that are often made of toxic petrochemicals, solvents, and/or added formaldehyde-based components, which pose health risks and environmental pollution. Currently, BreezeBondTM is the only soy-based adhesive available that does not have any of these harmful substances.

Researchers spent years optimizing a patented no-added formaldehyde (NAF) and petroleum-free plywood adhesive to develop BreezeBondTM. It is designed for hot-press applications, with soy protein that has been modified by attaching phosphorus to mimic adhesives found in nature to give them greater strength and moisture resistance than with soy protein alone.

Why Is BreezeBondTM the Right Adhesive for Your Application?

BreezeBondTM has a unique combination of low cost, high strength, and environmental sustainability that aren’t found in existing petroleum-based adhesives. In addition, its beneficial qualities, such as moisture resistance and zero added volatile organics compounds (VOCs), make it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries and applications, especially for indoor use. Listed below are some of the product’s benefits:

Single-Component Adhesive

BreezeBondTM is supplied as a ready-to-use product that in most cases requires no additional blending with other components or preparation before application. This single-component adhesive has been shown to be more than sufficient for a wide range of applications.

Low Capital Investment Needed

BreezeBondTM can likely be applied using existing equipment without requiring major modifications or upgrades. This should allow your business to realize immediate cost savings upon switching to BreezeBondTM.

No Petrochemicals and No Added Formaldehyde

Petrochemicals are non-renewable resources that contribute to environmental pollution and climate change. Moreover, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen that can adversely affect workers exposed to it during manufacturing, as well as consumers who use formaldehyde-containing products indoors. BreezeBondTM offers a more sustainable and safer solution by avoiding these substances.

Adjustable Viscosity

Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. Regarding adhesives, low viscosity means they are more flowable and can spread more thinly, allowing for their use in decorative paper applications or veneers if the bond surface has a smooth texture. This means it can be applied more evenly, reducing the risk of clumping and allowing a smooth appearance.

Now, you might think that lowering viscosity comes at the cost of lowering solids content (active ingredients). Amazingly, BreezeBondTM’s adjustable viscosity is one of the product’s features independent of solids content. That’s right; it is possible to offer a formulation that features a low viscosity but a high solids content!

Some applications, such as the interior layers of plywood, require a higher viscosity to maintain adequate coverage between bonded layers. For these instances, BreezeBondTM is also offered in a thicker, higher viscosity formulation.

Made From Sustainable and Renewable Sources

BreezeBondTM is derived from soybeans, which are a renewable and biodegradable resource. This feature reduces the product’s carbon footprint and minimizes environmental impact. In addition, the fact that it is water-based with a mild pH makes cleaning and disposal easy for manufacturers too. Soybeans are also widely available and grown globally, which makes them a more accessible and economic resource for manufacturers than petrochemicals, with fossil fuels being a scarce resource in ever-diminishing supply.

Long Shelf Life

Manufacturers can store the product for up to 3 months without the risk of the adhesive losing its properties. This extended shelf life reduces waste and offers greater flexibility to manufacturers. They can order larger quantities of adhesive without frequent restocking, reducing supply chain costs and improving production metrics. Sublicensing is also available, allowing on-site production. So, with its long shelf life, producers can rest assured that they can make more at a time, further reducing costs.

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