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Plywood adhesive, also known as plywood glue, is a type of substance that can bind inner core layers and face veneers when manufacturing wood panels. Structural wood product manufacturing processes often use plywood adhesives in a variety of conditions. Many applications such as cabinets, engineered wood flooring and furniture production specifically use plywood materials to provide flat surfaces, dimensional stability and added structural strength.

When producing plywood sheets, you can choose from multiple types of plywood glue. Plywood glues feature different characteristics depending on their composition, making it important to select the right adhesive based on the needs of a specific application. For instance, interior and exterior applications may have different requirements because of the different conditions to which the adhesive is exposed.

For many applications, BreezeBond™ is an appropriate solution that can provide lasting and sustainable results.

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BreezeBond™ is a High-Strength Plant-Based Hot Press Adhesive

BreezeBond™ wood adhesive is a plant-based, hot press adhesive, and high-strength plywood glue that’s suitable for a wide range of uses. It is the only soy-based adhesive available that is free of added formaldehyde and toxic petrochemical content. BreezeBond™ wood adhesive is ideal for making plywood because of its ability to reduce net carbon footprint and subsequently meet sustainable green building goals.

Our team of researchers has spent years developing our patented* petroleum-free, no-added formaldehyde (NAF) hardwood plywood glue, which is designed for hot press applications. During the manufacturing process, a compatible reagent is responsible for modifying the amino acid groups in the soy flour, causing them to mimic natural bioadhesive proteins, which are strong proteins found in barnacles, sea mussels, and other sources in nature. Following this step, we add an oxidizing agent to help form cross-linking bonds that boost the adhesive’s performance. The result is a strong and eco-friendly adhesive.


The BreezeBond™ Advantage:

BreezeBond™ features several unique advantages over other types of plywood glue. These benefits include:

Single component adhesive with a trace additive blended in before use

No expensive capital investments to convert from traditional adhesives

No petrochemicals and no added formaldehyde during the manufacturing process

Low viscosity and meets industry wet or dry strength adhesion performance standards

Tested at independent laboratories including the  U.S. Forest Products Laboratory

Made from sustainable and renewable sources

From technology developed at the University of Wisconsin and the U.S. Forest Service

Shelf life of up to 3 months — longer than most traditional soy-based adhesives

Important BreezeBond™ Wood Adhesive Resources:

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Partnering with Specialty Organics for Plywood Adhesive

Since the company’s establishment in 1962, Specialty Organics has developed a variety of custom adhesives and adhesive intermediates, along with private label products. We’ve also performed toll manufacturing, scale-up, pilot plant evaluation, and custom synthesis services. 

Our combined knowledge and expertise have facilitated the production of BreezeBond™, the most advanced soy-based adhesive available for plywood. Companies in the forest products industry, such as flooring and plywood manufacturers, can benefit from this plywood glue. We’ve been proud to work with companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to companies in the Fortune 500. Regardless of the size of our customers’ business, we can meet their needs with our BreezeBond™ solution.

BreezeBond™ vs. Other Plywood Glues: What's the Difference?

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To benefit from a reliable plywood glue that’s both durable and sustainable, try BreezeBond™. This solution can give you the results you want while meeting your organization’s green building goals. To learn more about BreezeBond™, or to get started on your custom adhesive solution, contact Specialty Organics today.

Warranty, Limited Remedy and Disclaimer: Specialty Organics, Inc. warrants that our products meet the applicable product specification at the time of shipment. If the product does not meet this warranty, it is our option to replace the product or refund the purchase price. Unless an additional warranty is specifically stated, Specialty Organics, Inc. does not provide any other warranties, express or implied. The user is solely responsible for evaluating the suitability of this product and determining whether it is fit for a particular product and method of application. Limitation of Liability: Except where prohibited by law, Specialty Organics, Inc. will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of our product.

*Protected under U.S. Patent # is US 9,353,300 B2

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