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Enhancing LEED and ESG Ratings: How Manufacturers Benefit From Switching to BreezeBond™ Adhesive

The growing importance of sustainable and ethical practices has prompted businesses to evaluate their degree of compliance to new rating systems that are intended to focus on a company’s commitment to these areas. Specifically, two key rating systems are the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings. These metrics serve to influence how products, projects, and brands are perceived in the market and shape investor decisions. The role of innovative products like the BreezeBond™ adhesive is to give companies the competitive advantage needed to enable them to continue to thrive in the shift toward a more environmentally responsible future.

BreezeBond™ is a plant-based, high strength, moisture resistant hot press adhesive that has proven versatility across an array of different applications. The underlying chemistry behind this novel adhesive was first invented by a dedicated team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin in collaboration with the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, and further refined by Specialty Organics, Inc.’s product development team. What sets it apart is that it is currently the only soybean adhesive that is free of both added formaldehyde and petroleum products that is capable of meeting industry performance standards. Join us as we explore the ways BreezeBond™ adhesive can have a measurable impact on your company’s LEED and ESG ratings!

What Are LEED and ESG Ratings?

Developed by the US Green Building Council, LEED evaluates the environmental performance of buildings. It encourages and recognizes environmentally responsible design, construction, and operational practices over the life cycle of the project, considering design elements such as materials, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and ecological conservation and restoration. Ratings can range from Certified to Silver, Gold, and Platinum, reflecting the level of sustainability achieved by a building. Many cities in the United States have even adopted a version of the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) which means builders and project planners must comply by force of law in those jurisdictions.

On the other hand, ESG assesses a company’s performance in key sustainability and ethical areas. It has various criteria, including a company’s impact on the environment, relationships with employees and society, and governance, which examines internal structures and decision-making processes.

How BreezeBond™ Improves LEED and ESG Ratings

BreezeBond™ plays a crucial role in helping manufacturers improve LEED and ESG ratings through the following innovative and sustainable characteristics:

Reduces Carbon Footprint

As a soybean-derived adhesive without petroleum-derived content, the unique composition of BreezeBond™ contributes to a reduced net carbon footprint, especially since production of U.S. soybeans (the adhesive’s largest active ingredient) have been measured to have the lowest carbon footprint in the western world (see chart below). Soybeans grown in some other countries, particularly in Argentina and Brazil, have been found to have substantially higher carbon footprints (~260 times higher by some measures!) than U.S. grown soybeans, due largely to land use change (LUC) considerations such as deforestation. U.S. soy also has higher yields, minimal fertilizer use, and efficient machinery, all of which help minimize U.S. soy’s carbon footprint. These findings were reported by Blonk Consultants, an international leader in the fields of environment, sustainability, nutrition, and health in a study funded by the U.S. soybean board. Also, since it contains no petroleum products and uses responsibly grown soybeans instead, it thereby reduces the amount of pollution involved in its production and use. This aligns with LEED and ESG criteria that prioritize environmentally friendly practices.


Promotes Responsible Sourcing

Domestically produced soy flour, the main ingredient in BreezeBond™, is a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable resource. This addresses the environmental aspect of LEED and ESG by promoting responsible sourcing of materials and positively influencing the overall impact of the adhesive’s manufacturing process as well as the forest products – and eventually – the buildings they are used in. It even has a low impact on landfills. Also, it doesn’t take long to realize that growing soybeans domestically is preferable to creating more demand in crude oil markets, especially since many oil producing nations have limited humanitarian oversight.

Improves Health and Safety

Unlike regular adhesives, BreezeBond™ does not contain formaldehyde or harmful petrochemicals. Rather, it is water-based with a mild pH. This ensures a healthier and safer working environment for manufacturing personnel, aligning with the social and corporate governance components of ESG. Also, it offers near zero VOC emissions once products that use it are moved into or installed in buildings. This positively impacts the indoor environmental (air) quality category of LEED scoring.

Ensures Compliance and Transparency

BreezeBond™ underwent rigorous testing, including evaluations not only at the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, but also at independent laboratories such as Applied Technical Services for strength and Capital Testing & Certification Services for VOC content. This underscores the product’s suite of attributes, ensuring compliance with industry performance and environmental standards as well as transparency in adhesive’s formaldehyde-free and petroleum-free formulation.

Specialty Organics: Pioneering Novel Products to Address the Concerns of Tomorrow

Specialty Organics is a dynamic and diversified specialty custom manufacturing company. We specialize in crafting advanced synthetic ingredients and adhesives that reinvent and elevate industry standards, including the revolutionary BreezeBond™. We have licensed the patent behind this petroleum-free, no-added formaldehyde (NAF), water-based hot press soy adhesive, and offer it as an innovative path to future growth for forest product manufacturers. Beyond our specialty adhesives, we offer comprehensive services, including toll manufacturing, pilot plant evaluations, scale-up support, and custom synthesis services.

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