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Sticking to Innovation: The Science & Utility of Hot Press Adhesives With BreezeBondTM

BreezeBondTM is a water-based modified soybean hot press adhesive initially created for plywood manufacturing. Its viscosity can be adjusted to make it suitable for various other applications as well. This product is safer and more eco-friendly than its urea formaldehyde (UF) and petroleum-based counterparts, and it is currently the only soy-based adhesive capable of meeting industry standards available that is free of expensive petrochemical components.

In this article, we will explore the various potential applications of this novel adhesive, with emphasis on the qualities that set BreezeBondTM apart.

Industrial Applications of BreezeBondTM

BreezeBondTM provides secure adhesion without harmful volatile chemicals and promotes eco-friendly supply chains for the following domains:

Furniture Manufacturing

Sustainable performance and eco-friendliness are becoming increasingly sought after by furniture manufacturers, and BreezeBondTM delivers on both fronts. It forms robust bonds to wood and supplementary materials, ensuring longevity and quality of furniture pieces. Its eco-friendly nature also meets the demands of environmentally conscious consumers while maintaining the high standards of craftsmanship required. This is because its ability to bond cellulosic materials can provide furniture with added structural integrity or decorative finishes without using toxic substances such as petrochemicals or formaldehyde, improving indoor air quality and, when discarded, promoting healthier landfills. This improves safety and aligns with the industry’s increasing focus on eco-friendly and health-conscious manufacturing practices.

Packaging Industry

The use of BreezeBondTM in the packaging industry is essential for creating safe and durable – yet cost effective – disposable packaging. It allows companies to create custom “preformed” shapes to neatly nestle their products into packages so that potential wear or damage during transport and handling is reduced or eliminated. It also assists businesses in complying with the increased regulatory scrutiny over disposable packages entering the environment. On that note, not only is it safer for the environment, but it may even be safe enough for humans to be used in some food packaging applications.

Construction Supplies

BreezeBondTM’s secure adhesion, low cost, and eco-friendly characteristics make it an attractive option for producing plywood, flooring components, and even panels with decorative veneers. This contributes to the sustainability of construction projects while ensuring optimal indoor air quality. Moreover, its biodegradable, non-toxic nature aligns with the industry’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its waste streams.

Key Features and Qualities of BreezeBondTM

Here are some of the essential characteristics of BreezeBondTM:

Petrochemical and Formaldehyde-Free

Petrochemicals are non-renewable resources that have significant environmental impact by contributing to pollution and possibly climate change. Formaldehyde is also carcinogenic at elevated levels, posing risks to manufacturing workers and consumers exposed to potentially harmful fumes from off-gassing of furnishings that use formaldehyde-containing adhesive in their homes and offices. Since all of its formulations are water-based with a mild pH, BreezeBondTM‘s commitment to excluding these substances offers a safer choice that aligns with health-conscious practices and sustainability goals.

Modifiable Viscosity

BreezeBondTM‘s unique ability to combine low viscosity with high solids content highlights its versatility and performance. This dual feature allows it to cater to specific process requirements, from achieving a flowable consistency to ensuring robust bond strength for a range of different applications.

Low Capital Outlay

BreezeBondTM is designed to be compatible with most existing manufacturing equipment, minimizing substantial modifications or upgrades. This seamless integration can result in immediate cost savings for businesses. Its mild pH and lack of noxious odors may also give work areas a more pleasant atmosphere, possibly leading to more productive employees. It can even be blended with other common hot press adhesives as an interim way to reduce costs.

Single-Component Product

BreezeBondTM can be conveniently provided as a ready-to-use product, eliminating the need for significant additional mixing or preparation in most instances. A gentle stir before using is usually sufficient. This feature makes it a user-friendly adhesive suitable for an assortment of applications across multiple industries, including custom shaped packaging and plywood manufacturing.

Long Shelf Period

The product’s shelf life of up to 3 months ensures that manufacturers can produce larger quantities at a time, allowing for greater process flexibility, better distribution logistics, and economy of scale. This improves efficiency, minimizes waste, and allows customers to order larger quantities, reducing the need for frequent restocking. It can also potentially be dried into a powder form to further extend shelf life and reduce shipping costs in high volume applications. This dried form also makes this eco-friendly adhesive suitable for large-scale distribution, catering to smaller customers because of its ability to retain its properties after being stored for an indefinite amount of time in an industrial supply warehouse. Once purchased, a customer would simply need to add water and stir until the desired consistency is achieved prior to use. Alternatively, sublicensing options for on-site production are also available.

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