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BreezeBond™: The Future of Eco-Friendly Adhesives in Plywood and Laminates Production

The construction and furniture industries have undergone a remarkable transition toward sustainability in recent years. As businesses seek materials with eco-conscious ingredients, the spotlight has shifted towards revolutionary products like BreezeBond™. Unlike traditional bonds that rely on toxic petrochemicals and added formaldehyde, BreezeBond™’s adhesive characteristics are derived from modified soybean protein. This adhesive is favored for not only its non-toxic ingredients but also its exceptional versatility and ability to create strong, durable bonds between many different types of forest products.

This article shares more information about this innovative adhesive, highlighting its use in plywood and laminate production and its benefits beyond sustainability.

How Was It Formulated?

BreezeBond™ is a result of years of research, development, and experimental trials. The underlying concept behind this novel adhesive was first invented by a dedicated team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin in collaboration with the USDA Forest Products Laboratory. Specialty Organics, Inc.’s product development team then worked on refining this patented water-based, petroleum-free, no-added formaldehyde (NAF) plywood hot press adhesive to be used in a range of different applications.

Since BreezeBond™ contains no petroleum products or aadded formaldehyde, this means that it only contains the miniscule amounts of naturally present volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so it is virtually odorless! Customers will therefore once again be able to enjoy the pure aroma of their favorite forest products, whether they be derived from hardwoods like oak, birch, maple, or walnut without worrying about noxious odors emanating from the adhesive. Not only that, BreezeBond™ also adheres well to softwoods like cedar, spruce, and pine, with douglas fir commonly used in substrate underlayers.

This eco-friendly adhesive begins with soy flour a renewable and eco-friendly resource. Through a carefully crafted process, the soy flour is modified by introducing a small amount of an abundant, low cost, and zero VOC reagent. This transformative step enables soy flour to better approximate the strong bonding capabilities of natural adhesives like, for example, those found in marine organisms such as barnacles and sea mussels.

The resulting adhesive is suitable for a wide range of hot press applications. If added strength and moisture resistance is needed, an optional oxidizing agent can be added, which creates added cross-linking bonds within the adhesive. The result is an adhesive that exceeds industry standards while upholding the ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and odorless performance.

Redefining Plywood and Laminate Production

One of the standout applications of BreezeBond™ is in plywood fabrication. This adhesive is engineered to create robust bonds between wood layers, ensuring the production of plywood sheets that exhibit strength and durability. Manufacturers in the furniture, construction, and architectural sectors will be glad to have a responsible choice to seek out when designing, building, or assembling their latest creation.

Aside from plywood, BreezeBond™ is also used for hardwood laminates and veneers. Its secure bond to laminated surfaces will not only exude elegance but also endure the rigors of everyday use, all while offering only the natural fresh scent of your favorite hardwood.

Furthermore, BreezeBond™ excels in bonding decorative paper onto medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and particleboard. This ensures that decorative finishes are not only visually appealing and resilient against wear and tear, but healthy and sustainable too. This makes it a great choice for products ranging from affordable furniture and cabinetry to wall paneling.

The Health Benefits of Plant-Based Adhesives

BreezeBond™’s impact extends far beyond its eco-friendly credentials. Some adhesives, such as urea formaldehyde (UF) adhesives, can emit harmful fumes as it degrades, especially in humid environments. BreezeBond™ contains no added volatile substances, so one of its most significant and often underestimated benefits is its positive influence on human health. Here’s how it contributes to building a safer, greener world:

1. Reduced Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

As mentioned above, traditional UF or petrochemical-based adhesives contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxic substances. This can be present in paint, carpet, furniture, wood flooring, or even the plywood inside the walls of homes. When released into the air, heightened levels of these chemicals can cause headaches, watery eyes, sore throat, coughing, nasal congestion, or chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, rashes, allergic reactions, and other health issues. Vulnerable populations, including children, the elderly, and those with suppressed immune systems like those with pre-existing conditions may be at greater risk for these health implications. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified formaldehyde in group 1 (human carcinogen), meaning that exposure can even lead to some cancers.

On the other hand, water-based plant derived adhesives like BreezeBond™ don’t emit harmful VOCs during their application, bonding process, or at any time during their service life. BreezeBond™ is also more landfill friendly than traditional adhesives. By eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals, workers in manufacturing plants and inhabitants of furnished spaces can enjoy cleaner and safer environments.

2. Improved Indoor Air Quality

As mentioned above, water-based, plant-derived adhesives contribute to a healthier indoor atmosphere. They don’t release toxic fumes over time, making the air in enclosed spaces cleaner and safer to breathe. This is particularly important for individuals with respiratory conditions or chemical sensitivities.

Imagine walking into a new house and breathing fresh air just like the outdoors. This, in itself, is a considerable advantage, because, not only will people need to worry less about health risks, but they will also have a higher quality indoor living experience. Removing sources of noxious, artificial lingering odors will allow people to once again notice the subtle notes of potpourri or the scent of the natural hardwood in your flooring. This means that it can not only improve people’s physical health, but their mental state of well being as well!

3. Minimized Allergic Reactions

Certain individuals are more susceptible to allergic reactions triggered by exposure to chemicals commonly found in traditional adhesives. Symptoms can range from mild discomfort to severe allergic responses.

Plant-based and eco-friendly adhesives significantly reduce the risk of allergic reactions. This makes them ideal for environments where occupants include children, the elderly, or individuals with pre-existing health conditions.

4. Enhanced Occupational Safety

Plant-based adhesives offer a safer working environment for employees involved in the manufacturing process. By eliminating exposure to toxic substances, these adhesives contribute to reducing occupational health hazards. This not only ensures the well-being of the workforce but also enhances overall workplace productivity and morale. Since it is water-based with a mild pH, general housekeeping is made easier too because uncured material can simply be rinsed away. Small amounts should even be compatible with most wastewater treatment facilities.

Experience the Difference of Eco-Friendly Adhesives With BreezeBond™ From Specialty Organics, Inc.

Want to try BreezeBond™ for your manufacturing needs? Consult with Specialty Organics, Inc. Since 1962, their experts have been providing custom products and services to its customers. Now at the forefront of sustainable adhesive innovation, they are crafting custom non-toxic products that meet industry standards and set new benchmarks. We understand the importance of green building goals, and BreezeBond™ is poised to align seamlessly with these objectives.

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