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Hot press adhesives are versatile products used in a broad range of applications, from construction to furniture to packaging and beyond. However, not all hot press adhesives are equal; some contain potentially harmful petrochemicals. These substances can have adverse effects on both human health and the environment.

Petrochemicals are derived from petroleum and have various uses, such as in manufacturing adhesives, plastics, and fertilizers. Nonetheless, their utilization presents significant hazards, as certain types are often linked to respiratory issues and other health conditions. Likewise, they can also taint soil and waterways, causing severe ecological disruptions.

In this article, we will delve into why using a petrochemical-free hot press adhesive for many applications is beneficial for both the consumer and manufacturer. We will also briefly discuss the common ingredients of a non-toxic adhesive or glue.

What Is a Petroleum-Free Hot Press Adhesive?

Also called non-toxic adhesives, petroleum-free hot press adhesives are formulated with ingredients sourced from natural and renewable sources. These ingredients may include plant-based materials like starches, natural gums, and proteins. They can contain these materials from renewable sources, such as corn, soy, and sugar cane. In addition, some adhesives may employ water instead of harmful petroleum-based solvents as their carrier liquid.

Top Reasons To Choose a Petroleum-Free Hot Press Adhesive

There are numerous compelling reasons why non-toxic hot press adhesives are a better choice than those containing petroleum-based products. Let us take a closer look at the most important ones:

Environmental Benefits

The production and use of petroleum-based products contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, a leading cause of climate change. Consequently, using petrochemical-free glues can help reduce your manufacturing process’s carbon footprint by lowering dependence on fossil fuels. Moreover, these adhesives are often made using natural and renewable ingredients, making them biodegradable and able to break down into harmless substances. This may even allow certain products that have reached the end of their life cycle to be classified as “green waste”.

Health Advantages

Prolonged exposure to certain petrochemicals can result in severe health problems, including cancer from inhaling their associated volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Non-toxic adhesives can reduce contact with such substances and eliminate the associated consumer health risks, especially in indoor applications. Also, factory workers can benefit from a more pleasant working environment. Unlike their petroleum-based counterparts that can trigger allergies, most non-toxic adhesives also contain natural agents that have little to no harmful effects upon casual skin contact, and can be easily rinsed off. Not only that, but because they often contain no added petroleum products, they are virtually odorless!

Performance Merits

Petrochemical-free hot press adhesives have come a long way in terms of their performance capabilities. With technological advancements, non-toxic hot press adhesives can perform just as well as petrochemical-based glues. By some measures, they even outperform their petroleum-based counterparts. This means that users no longer have to compromise on performance when choosing a more eco-friendly and safe alternative.

Some petrochemical-free adhesives have additional performance merits, making them a superior choice. For example, they may have a longer shelf life or better adhesion to certain materials. New strides have been made with regard to wet strength and moisture resistance as well, allowing them to be used in a greater range of applications that were traditionally only suited for petroleum-based adhesives.

Economic Benefits

Safer, more sustainable adhesives does not necessarily mean that they are more expensive. In fact, with the recent volatility in the petroleum product markets, petrochemical derivatives have experienced a considerable increase in prices. Abundantly sourced, plant-based adhesives are less likely to substantially increase in price over time, and may even be a way for your company to reduce costs!

Sustainability Commitment

As more and more consumers and businesses become conscious of their ecological impact, they seek products and suppliers that align with their values. By choosing an adhesive sourced from abundant and renewable ingredients, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and position themselves as socially responsible. This leads to a higher company environmental, social, and governance (ESG) rating, or a higher Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating on construction projects. This can help companies be awarded more contracts for new business in the future.

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